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Free Enquiry / Feedback Form Template

Build a customer-centric website experience. Embed an inquiry/feedback form template to gather valuable insights, address user queries promptly, and continuously improve your website's offerings.

An enquiry/feedback form is a valuable tool for businesses and organizations to gather input, suggestions, and inquiries from their audience. Using a pre-designed template can save time and ensure a consistent format.

1. How to Select the Enquiry / Feedback Template?

Connect to your account and click on the button CREATE A NEW FORM +.

Create a new form

Select the form and click on USE TEMPLATE.

Use this template

2. Customize the Template

Customize template

Adjust the form fields to capture the specific information you require.

There are 42 different fields types and elements that can be added to you form. Tailor the design settings, such as colors, fonts, and branding, to match your website or organization's visual identity.

3. Provide Clear Instructions

Add clear instructions or guidelines at the beginning of the form. Explain the purpose of the form, what information you're seeking, and how users should fill it out.

Ensure that the instructions are concise, easy to understand, and visible. Consider using headings, bullet points, or a brief introductory paragraph.

4. Include Relevant Form Fields

Include essential fields such as name, email address, and subject.

These will help you identify and respond to the feedback or inquiry effectively. Depending on your business needs, you can add additional fields such as phone number, company name, preferred contact method, or specific questions related to your products/services.

Keep the form as streamlined as possible to prevent overwhelming the user. Balance the need for information with the user's convenience.

5. Validation and Error Messages

Form validation is included by design to ensure that users provide accurate and complete information. Validation rules for fields like email addresses or phone numbers to verify their format are automatically set up by our tool.

It will display clear error messages when users submit incomplete or incorrect information. Users will be guided on the required corrections effortlessly.

6. Consider Anti-Spam Measures Such as a Captcha Field

To prevent spam submissions, consider adding a captcha field to your form. Captcha tools, such as reCAPTCHA, help differentiate between human users and automated bots, ensuring the authenticity of the submissions.

The template we provide includes such field by default.

7. Test and Optimize

Before making the form live, thoroughly test it to ensure that all fields, instructions, and validation work as intended.

Submit test entries and verify that you receive the responses in the expected format and location.

Monitor the form's performance and user feedback over time. Consider making adjustments based on user suggestions or changing business needs.

Bonus: A Form Poem à la Jean De La Fontaine

In bygone days, when quills did write,
I spin a tale of form so slight,
An instrument, mysterious art,
To gather thoughts, with every start.

Oh, muse, inspire my humble verse,
To sing the praises of this form diverse,
A template, crafted, a structure clear,
To seek opinions, both far and near.

With words unbound, it does inquire,
Of thoughts and musings, hearts desire,
A vessel, empty, yet waiting so,
For voices to fill, and overflow.

Through this conduit, connections made,
A dialogue formed, an exchange conveyed,
From user to host, a partnership formed,
A dance of words, where insights swarmed.

Ink spills upon this canvas white,
As thoughts take flight, in gentle flight,
The quill does dance, the parchment sings,
As feedback echoes, sweet tidings bring.

A tapestry woven, thread by thread,
Of ideas shared, both heart and head,
The form, a mirror, reflecting true,
The thoughts and dreams of me and you.

Through humble words, a bond is made,
As trust and understanding cascade,
For in this humble vessel's space,
A treasure trove, we find our grace.

So, let us celebrate this form's embrace,
As poets, artists, and dreamers trace,
The journey it unfolds, both near and far,
An enquiry form, a guiding star.

In realms anew, where pixels dance,
This template holds a timeless stance,
For in the realm of the digital page,
A poet finds solace, an eternal stage.

Enjoy! A little reminder while you're here. Let Love with a capital L, unconditional, non-judgmental, all-inclusive, be the fragrance behind your every thought, word and action.

It's free!