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A form tale like no other

Discover our refreshing story. A delightful concoction of suspense, romance, and a dash of humor. Meet our pixelated heroes Charlie, the Contact Form, and Stella, the Newsletter Subscription Form. Embark on a humorous adventure that will, hopefully, bring a smile to your face and a little joy to your heart.

Stella, The Newsletter Form
Any type of form

Any type of form

Originally dedicated to contact forms — that's where our awesome name comes from ;) — Kontactr allows you to create any type of form.

Create a poll / survey, a contact form, a user registration form, an afterparty RSVP form, a booking enquiries form, a buy a home form, a live streaming registration form, a job application form, and many more.

As easy as pie

Use our drag & drop form builder to easily create your own online form in minutes.

Kontactr is compatible with any type of website. Embed your form onto your blog, online shop, portfolio, Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Shopify, Prestashop, or any other website. Share it using a direct link.

Kontactr is suitable for personal and professional use. Add as many fields as you want. Accept any type of file by adding an upload field.

Easily receive automatic real-time email notifications as soon as someone fills your form.

Use form templates to create a specific type of form in seconds.

As easy as pie
Spam free & secure

Spam free & secure

Kontactr forms are secure and respect your privacy: your email is hidden from the public and from the robots so that your mailbox remains spam free.

We use the reCAPTCHA anti-spam technology to prevent any non human to submit your forms.

We also use 256-Bit SSL encryption certificates to protect your forms and data.

Along with added measures such as signed URLs with expiration time, so that links to files uploaded through your forms, and shared outside of Kontactr, expire when they have been used.

We take the security of the data entrusted to us very seriously.

It's all included in the generated lines of code. No hassle coding it, we take care of everything for you.

Fully customizable

Effortlessly customize your forms to suit the most your needs. Choose whether or not to limit the number of submissions.

Schedule a start and end date, if you so wish.

Choose a background color or an image, either from our library of royalty-free backgrounds or of your own.

Select a font from hundreds of choices.

Use our preset buttons or customize them entirely.

Choose a thank you message to show on form submission or set up an email confirmation.

Redirect users on a specific URL after submission and choose whether or not to post submitted data to this custom link to automate workflows.

Under your Kontactr account, you can set up a time zone and specify a date/time format.

Fully Customizable


Kontactr forms are responsive and mobile-ready so that you can show people you care about their experience with mobile responsive forms that look and work great on any device, of any size.

They’ll love you for it and they'll be more likely to fill them out, which directly impacts your forms filling rates.

Analyse your data 24/7

Get analytics from your dashboard on usage of your forms such as form creation, submissions, views and storage used.

Easily access and export forms data—to text, CSV, Excel, PDF or to print—from your account and have them handy to check on business performance, track metrics, and take strategic decisions.

Conditional Logic

Branching and Conditional Logic

Make your forms more efficient and get higher response rates.

Only show your respondents the questions they need to answer.

Specify the conditions that need to be met, and select the fields to be shown, hidden, enabled or disabled. It's that easy.

Conditional logic and branching for your online forms optimize the form-filling process, improve user engagement, and gather more accurate and valuable data by focusing only on the relevant information for each respondent.

Digital Initials and Signatures

Collect initials and signatures drawn by your form respondents.

Gather authenticated consent, approvals, or acknowledgments.

Get a digital representation of an individual's identity and verifiy their agreement or endorsement of the information provided in the form.

Users sign your form electronically using a mouse, stylus, or touchscreen.

The digital signatures and initials are encrypted and securely stored, ensuring their integrity and authenticity.

Collect Initials & Signatures
Website analyzer


Analyze your website to get valuable information and improve its search engine performance.

Simply enter your domain name and get enhancement opportunities. As an example, here is the report for, the California Academy of Sciences, in San Francisco.

Our tool examine in seconds your website's SSL certificate, meta data, encoding, URL resolve and parameters, robots.txt, semantic content, page speed, traffic, layout, links, social networks presence and much more.


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We are dedicated to providing the best quality experience with Kontactr and always place users interest at the top of our priorities.

We love hearing from you and are more than happy to help, anytime.

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