What is Kontactr?
Kontactr is a one-click contact form service which lets you create contact forms on the fly. With our simple tools, its even easier to integrate the contact form into your website.
Why Kontactr?
It's simple, fast and the basic version is free. You don't need to write any code. Just copy & paste a single line of code.
How do I benefit from using Kontactr?
Kontactr conceals your email address from people who contact you. Also, it implements reCAPTCHA on your form to prevent spammers and bots from contacting you. Language, colors, font family and size are fully customizable.
Where can I use my Kontactr form?
You can use your contact form anywhere on your site, as an iFrame to integrate is completely, or as a simple button that opens your form as a modal window.
Is my data safe with Kontactr?
We do not share your email address with anyone for any purpose. And, the messages sent via your form - we don't store them on our servers at all. The email is directly sent out to you.